Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bigotry, Hatred and Lies Exposed: Hatemonger, Jill Lazarto Burress Dickerhoof, of East Canton, Ohio lied that her daughter had died!

Jill Lazarto Burress Dickerhoof
In October of 2017, Jill Lazarto Burress Dickerhoof, a registered nurse of East Canton, Ohio, started attacking the Church of Scientology for reasons known only to herself.

Tweeting then as @JillianRN (but now as @JillCares), she began by tweeting an excerpt from L. Ron Hubbard's book on the human mind, Dianetics - The Modern Science of Mental Health which she purposely took out of context in order to give the wrong impression of what it really meant.

Twitter user Gemma Harris (@gemthetwit) challenged her by telling her what she tweeted was taken out of context and asking her if she has actually read Dianetics.

She firstly admitted, vehemently, that she had not read the book. Then, the next day, she not only claimed that she had read the book, she also claimed she taught it in University!

Suspecting that she had not, in fact, read the book, Gemma challenged her by asking her if she could explain what an engram was. She then claimed that Gemma should know who she was because she implied that she was a well-known author.

Gemma never found any evidence of this.

She also stated she had never been to a Church of Scientology and then implied that she was well known to the Church and that she had even just been at a Church!

She even implied that she was, in fact, a Scientologist herself!

So Gemma asked what her real name was and Jillian told her to ask the Church themselves. So Gemma took this as a challenge to find her real name in order to be able to ask the Church if her claim was true.

It transpired that Jillian had tweeted a photo of herself with her daughter, Alexis, taken from Alexis' Facebook profile which tagged Jillian's full name in the photo: Jill Lazarto Burress Dickerhoof.

Gemma then tweeted to her what her real name was, together with the photo of Jillian and daughter, as per her challenge, to which Jillian replied that Gemma was a "vile horrid person" because she had tweeted a photo of Alexis who was "no longer with us".

A group of allies of Jillian then tried to defend her by claiming that "no longer with us" did not mean "deceased", to which Jillian replied that "deceased" was exactly what she meant, and that Gemma had "spoken ill of the departed", thereby confirming that she was stating, as fact, that her daughter, Alexis, was dead.

Gemma, now suspecting everything that Jillian claimed as being untrue, she decided to find out whether her daughter's death was yet another lie. So she simply looked her up on Facebook and found her alive and well! Then, in a bizarre twist, Jillian, in a futile attempt to defend herself, claimed that the girl in the picture was not Alexis (who was indeed alive) but, in fact, her deceased twin sister.

Again, suspecting yet another lie, Gemma looked through Alexis' Facebook photos and found that Alexis does have a sister (who looks nothing like Alexis), but among photos of her when she was a child, there was no evidence of Alexis' "twin" sister.

As further proof, Gemma also found a photo of Alexis, taken on the same day as the photo that she tweeted of Alexis and her mother, wearing the exact same clothes, in which Alexis had been tagged as Alexis Burress.

In an attempt to deflect attention from her lies, because she works as a nurse at an institution for the criminally insane, Jillian then claims that Gemma has endangered her life by revealing her real name.

This is yet another lie, intended to deflect attention from Jillian's long list of previous lies, for the following reasons:
  • Jillian challenged Gemma to find her real name
  • Jillian had tweeted her own real name from her @JillianRN Twitter account because it appeared as text on the photo of her and Alexis (now deleted)
  • Her real name appears in full on her Facebook profile to this day

Jillian actually works for Altercare Integrated Health Services which mentions nothing about being an institution for the criminally insane on its website.

Jillian then accused Gemma of contacting her Facebook friends without providing any evidence. She also claimed that Gemma had contacted her husband's university where he works as a professor of theology. She also claimed she had an audio recording of the conversation which she has never revealed. Gemma did neither of these things.

Aware that Jillian was a practising Christian and the wife of Ed Dickerhoof, pastor of St Paul's United Church of Christ in East Canton, as well a Professor in the Theology Department at Canton's Malone University, Gemma asked Jillian how she justified inciting hatred and bigotry towards Scientology. Jillian's reply was that Gemma should never question her belief system.

She also bizarrely thought she could "blackmail" Gemma by "revealing her pregnancy". Gemma is not and never has been pregnant. Just more crazy ranting.

And she also tried to make an excuse as to why she made Gemma assume she was a Scientologist thus proving that she tried to deceive.

So, here are the main points in summary:

  • Jillian attacked Dianetics
  • Jillian admitted that she hadn't read Dianetics
  • Jillian then claimed that she had read Dianetics LIE!
  • Gemma proved that she hadn't read Dianetics
  • Jillian claimed she was a Scientologist! LIE!
  • Jillian challenged Gemma to find her real name
  • Gemma found her real name on a photo, online, posted by Jillian herself
  • Jillian claimed that her daughter in the photo was now dead LIE!
  • Gemma proved that her daughter was, in fact, alive
  • Jillian then claimed it was her twin sister who had died LIE!
  • Gemma proved that she never had a twin sister
  • Jillian claimed Gemma had put her life in danger by revealing her real name LIE!
  • Gemma proved that her real name is already openly online on Facebook

As you can see, Jillian has lied and lied, and lied again, even going so far as to make up a story that her own daughter was dead! She also incited hatred and bigotry about Scientology, and continues to do so. Sadly, this is typical hatemonger behaviour. The next time you hear or read someone spewing hatred about Scientology, I recommend you verify their claims very carefully.

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Scientology glossary:
  • Dianetics: The word Dianetics is derived from the Greek dia, meaning “through,” and nous, “mind or soul.” Dianetics is further defined as “what the soul is doing to the body.” 
  • Engram: a complete recording, down to the last accurate detail, of every perception present in a moment of partial or full “unconsciousness.”

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Scientology TV is now Live!!

The Scientology Network was 10 years in the making but is now finally here, alive & kicking and online at Scientology.TV

David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center, announced during the 2018 L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event (held on Saturday 10th March 2018) the time and date that Scientology TV would go on air: Monday 12th March at midnight, UK time. The countdown began...

The anticipation as the 48 hours ticked by was intense! Click here to see what the world saw when the numbers on the counter finally reached zero.

Gemma and I were fortunate enough to attend the official opening of Scientology Media Productions (SMP) just under two years ago, the nerve centre of Scientology TV, on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The Scientology Network is now broadcasting 24/7 in 17 languages on DirecTV (320), Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku.

Curious? To find out what Scientology is all about, watch Scientology.TV!