Monday, August 17, 2015

The grand opening of the new Ideal Continental Liaison Office in East Grinstead heralds tremendous growth for Scientology in the UK

East Grinstead Courier 12 August 2015, page 14
East Grinstead Courier 

"Hundreds of Scientologists go to opening of new site

Officiating at the opening on July 18, in front of around 1,500 Scientologists, the religion's worldwide leader, David Miscavige, said: 
"If by chance you hadn't yet noticed, we're not slowing down - in fact, we're just getting started. For this is our time and this is our place in global hostory. So, yes, with the cutting of this ribbon, we now take yet another monumental step forward as we celebrate this Ideal Continental Liaison Office for this United Kingdom!""
Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center

UK’S NO. 1 SWING BAND and Scientology's very own Jive Aces kicked off the celebration with a lively medley of “Rule Britannia” and their hit song “Bring Me Sunshine.”

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