Friday, June 12, 2015

Criminon - Changing Lives Through Knowledge

Criminon UK recently received the above unsolicited letter from an offender in HMP Whatton who is currently studying Criminon courses. It really shows the difference Criminon is making.

What is Criminon? Criminon delivers correspondence courses and tutoring to prisoners. Their programme covers drug education, communication skills and – most importantly – personal integrity. Personal integrity is taught by reference to a non-religious and practical moral code, described in a book called The Way To Happiness. Prisoners doing their courses achieve genuine changes of heart. They make honest decisions to change their lives. In many cases, their life experiences would make you cry, no matter what they’ve done. But our programme enables them to win back their self-respect and with that, the confidence to live a future without crime.

Criminon UK delivers distance learning courses approved by LASER (the OfQual approved organisation which promotes, develops, accredits and quality assures courses and qualifications at all levels of education and training) and additional courses in basic moral values.