Monday, June 25, 2012

Chill EB says Stop the psychiatric labeling and drugging of children

Saint Hill Manor, Friday 23 June 2012 - Chill EB in concert!

"I had always had the suspicion that these labels that psychiatrists give children such as ADHD and ADD were made up rather than based on real science, so I started to investigate the truth. My research led me to Part 9 of the "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" video [from 6:00] in which Dr Mark Vonnegut, a so-called "expert" in this field, is unable to describe a typical ADHD and in which Dr David Kupfer, another "expert" concludes that "the validity of the disorder continues to be a problem." So I say, to all you "experts" and child psychiatrists out there who prescribe drugs for so-called mental disease, 'You're Busted' - Hip hoppers and black America, the first to say, 'Up yours!'- Chill EB

"Psychiatrists say that giving drugs to kids diagnosed with so-called mental illnesses need to be prescribed powerful mind-altering medication. Mental diseases like ADHD, ADD, ODD... it's all BS to me. They say giving these children strong methamphetamine based drugs somehow makes them better: I say 'Define Better'" - Chill EB

"I have a bone to pick with psychiatrists because they continue to try to convince parents that their children are mentally ill, despite no valid scientific evidence of any kind, and because they then tell parents that their children need to take these powerful drugs with all their side effects which can cause sudden death, suicide, tics, violent behavior, depression and weight loss. They say their kids have ADHD... I say 'Prove it'" - Chill EB

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