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Niki Lanik Wins 2007 Clio Cup Winter Championship


LANIK broke the record of winning two Clio Cup Winter Titles back to back, thanks to the team’s primary sponsor for the Winter Championship - Staden Grange Country House – www.StadenGrangeHotel.co.uk. The 2006 Winter Champion, Niki Lanik, came away last weekend with a 2nd place and a 1st place finish at Croft racing circuit in Yorkshire to become the 2007 Clio Cup Winter Champion, retaining last year’s title.

COMING into Round 3 & 4 of the 2007 Clio Cup Winter Championship at Croft, Austrian race driver, Niki Lanik, racing for the Youth 4 Human Rights with Stancombe Vehicle Engineering team, was leading the championship by a mere 9 points after having amazingly won both opening rounds at Donington Park from 4th and 7th on the grid.

FRIDAY’S test day saw 20-year old Lanik straight away on the pace, being 4th, 2nd and quickest in the three test sessions. Colin Stancombe, Niki’s chief race engineer, had found a major fault with the suspension set-up, then having fixed it, the youngster was quickest in the last session of the day by more than a tenth of a second, which in Clio terms is plenty. The fault was found to be a bent damper from the 65mph crash at Thruxton’s Round 11 of the 2007 Summer Championship. The Youth 4 Human Rights race team’s driver, swapping between slick and wet tyres throughout the 20-minute qualifying session, only managed to get three decent laps in, where two counted for the grid positions – 3rd & 4th.

ROUND 3 of the championship started well for Lanik, slotting from 3rd on the grid into 2nd place before the first corner. Lanik blocked Vaulkard, 2007 Seat class-B champion, but this gave an advantage to Andrew Herron, the driver lying 2nd in the championship. Relieving Herron from pressure, he extended the gap and pulled away on the first lap. Niki had to make sure he finished the race, as a non-finish would most definitely ruin his hopes of winning the 2007 title. Lanik finished the race in 2nd place, meaning he still led the championship, but by only 5 points.

Simon North with 2007 Winter Champion
Niki Lanik (AUT) Youth 4 Human Rights
with Stancombe Vehicle Engineering

“Herron was extremely quick in this race and he certainly narrowed down the championship points. If he wins the race and I come 2nd, then I will win the championship. But that’s only considering somebody else, not Herron, gets fastest lap. It’s very close,” Niki commented on his possible 2007 title. “Other than that, I’ve not got much more worked out. All I’m going to do is do my best and go for the championship win!”

ROUND 4 found the Miracle Drywash-sponsored race driver starting 4th on the grid, right behind his rival, Herron, who was starting 2nd on the grid. The red lights went out and the race started. Lanik had a blistering start launching from 4th straight into 2nd place, with Herron leading the race through the first series of corners. One lap later, coming up to Tower bend at 120mph, Lanik made the move down the inside of Herron, braking as late as he dared. Lanik owned the overtaking move and came out of Tower bend in first place. The Austrian had to drive defensive lines for the next three laps, trying to get the 2nd and 3rd placed drivers to start dicing with each other. This happened all to plan and Niki was able to drive comfortably to the chequered flag and become the 2007 Clio Cup Winter Champion, winning the race by 1.344 seconds.

“I had a fantastic start, made a perfect overtaking manoeuvre, had some fun getting the others into awkward positions, and then cruised to the finish line! It was THE perfect way to finish off my 2007 race season!” Lanik said with enthusiasm.

“I want to thank a few specific people. I want to thank Colin Stancombe and the best team in the world – Stancombe Vehicle Engineering – for being the funniest and most professional team around. I’d like to thank my sponsors and advertisers that made the financial side possible: Youth For Human Rights International - http://www.YouthForHumanRights.org; Staden Grange Country House - http://www.stadengrangehotel.co.ukMiracle Drywash - http://www.miracledrywash.comG&G Vitamins - http://www.GandGvitamins.comWealden Workwear - http://www.wwpe.co.uk; and to the guys who made the car look so awesome, Luxury Sign Design - http://www.lsdsign.co.uk. And last but definitely not least, my parents for always believing in me. THANKS!!” said the Austrian 2007 Clio Cup Winter Champion.

For more information about Niki Lanik, visit:

http://www.NikiLanik.com or http://www.myspace.com/lanik140.

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