Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mike Rinder does a deal with John Sweeney - just like that scene in the Matrix

Mike Rinder-like traitor, Cypher, played by Joe Pantoliano

Real life can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

A case in point: Mike Rinder, former Church of Scientology executive and arch enemy of BBC reporter and angry tomato, John Sweeney ends up befriending John Sweeney and 'striking a deal' with him! Just like the scene in the movie "The Matrix" in which Cypher (played by Joe Pantoliano) strikes a deal with Agent Smith.

Cypher has grown tired of the ceaseless war that rages within the Matrix, and of constantly following Morpheus and his belief in the Prophecy. Cypher wishes that he never learned the truth.

One of Cypher's most famous quotes from the movie is "Ignorance is bliss".

You can watch the clip here.

I used to look up to Mike Rinder. I found his presentations at international Scientology events inspiring. At one such event at Saint Hill, East Grinstead, I spoke to him and asked him the best way to handle those who spread lies about Scientology. The advice he gave me, I will most definitely be using on him...

Mike - what on Earth are you doing? I cannot fathom the depths to which you have sunk.

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