Monday, January 18, 2010

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Make the Town Safer

Members of the East Grinstead-based Scientology Volunteer Ministers in action

Heavy snow fall in Sussex recently created havoc in East Grinstead.

Road services were not able to respond to the conditions, so cars and trucks were stuck in and around the area for hours. So the East Grinstead-based Scientology Volunteer Ministers set about helping to get vehicles moving again and to get passengers out harm's way until early morning hours.

The VMs were then alerted to accidents right in the East Grinstead town centre where pavements had not been gritted nor cleared of snow, and so had become icy and dangerous. Whilst others argued amongst themselves whose responsibility it was to make the pavements and walkways safe, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers just got on with it.

10 local VMs responded to the call and, armed with shovels and scrapers, immediately got to work. They scraped and shoveled, and swept up snow and ice for hours, then put down grit and salt making it safe for one and all.

When it snowed again, out came the VMs to do it all over again. They cleared the passage ways behind Waitrose and the Dunnings Mill roundabout and others were active in their own neighbourhoods, knocking on people's doors to ask if they needed help (particularly the elderly who could not get out of the house and just needed help with their shopping etc).

The selfless work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers did not go unnoticed.

Local resident, Jane Fairbourn, decided to write to the East Grinstead Courier & Observer about what she witnessed:

Volunteers made town safer
East Grinstead Courier & Observer, 14 Jan 2010, p18

I NOTE that the Your Views page in the December 31 edition of the East Grinstead Courier and Observer is filled with letters from local people who are very angry about the icy pavements in the town during the recent heavy snowfall.

They are right too; it was a frightening prospect even for the relatively young and able bodied to negotiate the pavements in the town, let alone the elderly and I know there were many falls and accidents

However, I am sorry to see that no-one has mentioned the wonderful work done by the Volunteer Ministry from the Church of Scientology.

While I in no way subscribe to their organisation I would like to thank the team of young people in their bright yellow jackets who cleared all the pavements on both sides of London Road on Saturday December 19. They did a great job with good humour and made the town great deal safer.

It is still relatively early in the winter and more snow could fall in the next few months. However disgusted we may be it seems that Mid Sussex District Council isc not going to spend the necessary money to grit pavements.

Perhaps the town council could follow the example of the Scientologists and mobilise local ATC, Scouts and other such groups to keep the town centre clear while at the same time drawing positive attention to their organisation.

I am sure that residents might also feel disposed to place a few pence in a collecting tin if one were available.

I appreciate that some might say it is not their job but surely it is better to be safe than sorry?

Jane Fairbourn

Who exactly are the Scientology Volunteer Ministers and what do they do?
Watch this video to find out:

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