Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scientology-sponsored Say No To Drugs Say Yes To Life Campaign Cleans Up London Hot Spots




Ilford scrubs up well

Some surprised Ilford residents saw something a bit out of the ordinary recently; volunteers coming to clean up their area. The volunteers were welcomed by friendly and helpful locals who were delighted with the help.

Drug taking and alcohol consumption go hand in hand with dirty littered areas. One purpose of these clean ups is to deter drug takers and alcoholics from going back to such places and causing trouble. This is supported by a study showing Londoners feel that ‘grime leads to a fear of crime’.

By survey, Londoners feel unsafe in areas of the Capital which are blighted by litter and graffiti. ‘London: Its People and their Litter’ found that the condition of the local environment can significantly affect feelings of well-being. Keep Britain Tidy carried out the research for the Capital Standards Programme. More than 2,400 residents were interviewed across London outside tube stations or in local high streets.

Church of Scientology-sponsored Say No To Drugs Say Yes To Life campaigners in London have taken it upon themselves to work the streets of London in search of these hot spot areas and to clean them up. In conjunction with distribution of drug education booklets, the aim is to reduce the drug taking and crime throughout the city.

The Church's London Public Affairs Director, Mark Pinchin, said “With a reported 80% of crime being drug related, it’s easy to see that crime and drugs go hand in hand.”

With 27 per cent of UK adults aged 16 or over having taken illegal drugs - amounting to around 13 million people – the Church is embarking on a series of events and drug education talks to raise awareness on the truth about drugs. This includes how they really affect your mind and body.

Scientologists were inspired in this field by the pioneering work of humanitarian, L Ron Hubbard, in the area of drug rehabilitation and education.

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