Sunday, September 27, 2009

Church of Scientology London Hosts International Peace Day Event

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Delegates at this year's International Peace Day Event at the London Church of Scientology

Peace Through The Arts, 21st September, Church of Scientology London

Over 40 people from different cultures, faiths and walks of life from around London joined together to commemorate International Peace Day on Monday 21st September. All present held in common that they want PEACE ON EARTH.

The theme of the event, which was hosted by the Church of Scientology London, was ‘Peace through the Arts’ and it brought together an array of artists whose performances forwarded the purpose of achieving peace within our communities. This day is not only about creating peace between nations, it’s about non violence in our homes, communities and schools.

International Peace Day was established as 21st September each year through the vision and efforts of Jeremy Gilley, who, through his organisation Peace One Day, has been campaigning to bring about a cease fire in all war zones each 21st September. Peace on one day a year can be a first step to bringing about peace throughout the year. See

The Muslim Sikh Federation was represented at this London event by Man Mohan Singh and Satwant Singh Suman, from the Southall Gurdwara and they were joined by other faith leaders including Dr Paul Baiden-Adams, MCSAS (Making It Safer for our Youth) and Deputy Bishop Halden Bennett from the Mount Zion Church of God.

Art lifts the spirit and is an inspiration to us all in our daily lives. Noura Benamor performed an Arabic Song and dance, followed by Body Popping from a London youth Called Angus Reid. North London was represented by ‘Extreme’ – two amazing young dancers who wowed the audience ‘Michael Jackson style’. Danny Bryan, Director of Communities Against Knives and Guns told of his work with families who have been affected by guns and knives and urged people to come together to help the youth of London.

Guest speaker Clarence Thompson, M.B.E, spoke of his fight for racial equality and read his daughter’s poem ‘A War Orphan Writing to Santa Claus’.

Tracey Coleman, Community Affairs Officer for the Church of Scientology London said, “It is an amazing feeling seeing so many people of different cultures and faiths coming together to celebrate what most people want for this world – to live in harmony and at peace with our fellow man and woman. Events such as this can help to sow the seeds of such peace.”

All the audience were invited to write a message of Peace. One of these was from Kellee Samuels of the Mount Zion Inspiration Choir:

“Peace begins with the individual. To change an area, community or even the world, change must begin with us.”

Peace Day will be celebrated again at the Church of Scientology next year, and all are welcome to participate – please contact Tracey Coleman for further information.

To pledge your own commitment of what you want to do in your community to help to bring about peace, log on to

Contact: Tracey Coleman
Mobile: 079797 50293

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