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Gala Classical Concert Opens 18th Saint Hill International Arts Festival

Mike Perroud accompanied by Sue Harvey - photo by Mark McQuade
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An evening of world-class piano, violin, song, drama and dance officially opens this year’s week-long Saint Hill International Arts Festival at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead

East Grinstead, West Sussex - For the past 18 years, Saint Hill Manor - former residence of humanitarian and philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard - has been home to the Saint Hill International Arts Festival. Traditionally, the festival opens with a Gala Classical Concert featuring a range of extremely talented professional performers. Just before the concert began last Sunday (2 August 2009), Cllr Christine Mainstone of East Grinstead Town Council officially declared the 18th Saint Hill International Arts Festival open.

This year’s concert featured Mike Perroud on violin performing Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs) by P. Sarasate, accompanied by Sue Harvey on piano; Marion Shuster singing soprano; soloists from the East Grinstead Chamber Orchestra including Martin and Anne-Marie Sonneveld; five pieces by Choirpower conducted by Marion Shuster; Barbara Lanik dancing to Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin; a scene from Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Ernest; Hollywood actress and singer Judy Norton (best known for her role as Mary Ellen in the Waltons) singing soprano including The Girl in 14G. The finale of the concert was performed by concert pianist, Gabriel Arnold who played Faschingsschwank Aus Wien, Opus 26 by R. Schumann and Study No. 4 and 5, Opus 10 by F. Chopin.

The evening was closed with a grand firework display, care of Frontier Fireworks - a professionally-staged breathtaking fireworks extravaganza.

The concert marks the start of the week-long festival (3-8 August 2009) and will comprise a wide range of arts such as painting, drama, singing, dancing, film-making, photography, fashion design and sculpture. It includes hands-on workshops in a wide range of different art forms which attendees are taught and are then given a chance to practice. One such workshop will be “DRAMA – How to Audition for Film & Television”, given by the two-time EMMY nominated Hollywood actress, Lee Purcell (star of films such as Big Wednesday, Stir Crazy, and Valley Girl). Performances are then prepared and given every evening to a very appreciative audience. In addition, throughout the week, Saint Hill Castle, within the grounds of Saint Hill Manor, effectively becomes a large art gallery, with art pieces being displayed in every corridor, and even outdoor pieces displayed in the grounds.

“The Saint Hill International Arts Festival provides artists and potential artists with the ideal environment in which to blossom, where art is taught by people with the correct technology, without invalidation, and where one is free to perform and be appreciated,” says Sheila Gaiman, Festival Executive Producer. “The festival is designed to inspire artists into greater productivity, for, as L. Ron Hubbard said:

‘A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.’”

For more information, please contact:

Liz Ostermann
Saint Hill International Arts Festival
Saint Hill Manor
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4JY

+44 (0)1342 312824

Judy Norton, Lee Purcell and Cathy Bird - photo by Mark McQuade

Barbara Lanik dancing to Rhapsody in Blue - photo by Hy Money

Barbara Lanik dancing to Rhapsody in Blue - photo by Mark McQuade

Choirpower conducted by Marion Shuster - photo by Mark McQuade

Judy Norton accompanied by Sue Harvey - photo by Mark McQuade

Tea is served - photo by Mark McQuade

Fireworks Extravaganza by Frontier Fireworks - photo by Hy Money

A Message from the Executive Producer

Dear Friends,

Hello and a very warm welcome to this 18th International Arts Festival here at Saint Hill. With attendees from many countries thousands of miles apart, our festival truly has an international flavour and this week's festival will be buzzing with every form of artistic endeavour. We are very proud to have so many artists here for the week.

During the current recession, some of our families and friends are having a harder time than usual and may be downhearted. According to Professor Jane Plant, a UK government scientific advisor, in a recent book which she co-wrote, smiling and dancing could work more effectively than drugs to make people happy. We at the festival know this and do a lot of smiling, dancing and many other creative activities, and often the attendees feel that "their feet didn't touch the ground all week".

L. Ron Hubbard gave similar advice in the reference The Joy of Creating:

"Force yourself to smile
and you'll soon stop frowning.

Force yourself to laugh
and you'll soon find something to laugh about.

Wax enthusiastic and you'll very soon feel so.

A being causes his own feelings.

The greatest joy there is in life is creating.

Splurge on it!"

This is so simple to do try it yourself first and see if it works. Then tell those who could benefit from being cheered up, and you'll have happy friends and family around you again. You will be helping to create a happier and better environment for all of us.

Enjoy the festival.

Shiela Gaiman
Executive Producer

"The artist has an enormous role in the enhancement of today's and the creation of tomorrow's reality. He operates in a rank in advance of science as to the necessities and requirements of man. The elevation of a culture can be measured directly by the numbers of its people working in the field of aesthetics."
L. Ron Hubbard


Summertime Swing Raises Funds for The Bluebell Railway

This year's performers line up: The Jive Aces, Kenny Ball, his son, Keith Ball, the 1958 Grammy Award Winner and former wife of Louis Prima, Keely Smith, and their daughter Toni Elizabeth Prima, Mary Jean Lewis, the niece of Jerry Lee Lewis, The Flirtinis composed of up-coming actresses Charlotte Riley, Fiona Sheehan and Kristina Mitchell and dance displays by the "Hollywood Hoppers".

On Sunday 2nd August,
the UK’s No. 1 Jive and Swing band, The Jive Aces, held their 6th charity event ‘Summertime Swing 2009’ in the beautiful grounds of Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

More than 1100 jive, jazz and swing lovers attended. This year saw people traveling all the way from Holland, France, Germany, Hungary and Spain as well as the usual fans from all over the South East of England who enjoyed the great weather and an afternoon of excellent music, dancing, good food, classic cars, jeeps and very special guests.

This year’s performers line up was nothing but stunning featuring the legendary Kenny Ball, whose new album is at number 6 in the charts, his son Keith Ball, the 1958 Grammy Award Winner and former wife of Louis Prima, Keely Smith, and their daughter Toni Elizabeth Prima, Mary Jean Lewis, the niece of Jerry Lee Lewis, The Flirtinis composed of up-coming actresses Charlotte Riley, Fiona Sheehan and Kristina Mitchell and dance displays by the “Hollywood Hoppers”.

Kenny Ball with his son, Keith Ball and Ian Clarkson of the Jive Aces

The event opened with Kas, “the new Forces’ Sweetheart” entering on a WWII jeep and singing a Marilyn Monroe song. This was followed by the hosts, the Jive Aces, taking to stage stage for the first of their shows, introducing their special guests as the beautiful day proceeded.

Highlights included Kenny Ball taking to the stage accompanied by The Jive Aces and his son Keith for an inspired version of “Swinging on a Star”.

The feedback from all who attended was fantastic and plans are already underway for next years’ Summertime Swing - don’t miss it!

Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to The Bluebell Railway (Registered Charity No. 292497), this year’s selected charity, and Guest of Honour was Dame Vera Lynn.

"It was fabulous to see such a wonderful star as Keely Smith performing with The Jive Aces at the concert to benefit our progress into East Grinstead. This donation is much appreciated by The Bluebell Railway. All contributions are greatly received if we are to make it through the tip during the Bluebell's 50th anniversary year," says Avril Gaynor, press officer for The Bluebell Railway.

The event had as its Grand Finale an amazingly spectacular 15 min long fireworks display by Frontier Fireworks.

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Contact details:

Grazia Clarkson - Jive Aces Publicist
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4JY
publicrelations@jiveaces.com http://www.jiveaces.com
+44 (0)781010 6888
+44 (0)1342 300075

Summertime Swing 2009, Saint Hill Manor - photo by Hy Money

Summertime Swing 2009, Saint Hill Manor - photo by Hy Money
Summertime Swing 2009, Saint Hill Manor - photo by Hy Money


2 New Scientology-Related Sites Launched

The cover of the new Freedom Magazine really tells it like it is:
and another chapter of this edition of the magazine:
Other sections include:

Freedom Magazine
Investigative Reporting in the Public Interest

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CCHR Launch their Social Networking Site: cchrint.org

Packed with information on the dangers of psychiatric treatment and many blog posts which you can comment on, this new hard-hitting site aims to warn and inform. It includes:

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a non-profit mental health watchdog