Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and... Tom Cruise

and Stephen Fry and Lee Evans and Franz Ferdinand

I am SO looking forward to the recording of the first in the new series of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross this Thurs 22 Jan (for broadcast Fri 23 Jan on BBC1). As blogged about last October on my other blog (UpTone News), I had tickets for the ill-fated show (with guests David Attenborough, Miley Cyrus and Frank Skinner and music from the Killers) that ended up being canceled due to Jonathan Ross's naughty antics. But then we all got issued with new tickets and it just so happens that Tom Cruise, Scientologist Icon himself, is one of the guests. That's so amazing - couldn't have planned it; it just happened that way.

I am also a big fan of the other guests Stephen Fry (absolutely superb in Blackadder) and Lee Evans (Mousehunt is one of my favourite movies), so I am in for one hell of a treat on Thursday - can't wait!

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