Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is Britney becoming a Scientologist?

Or is it just the media making stuff up again?

Heat Magazine, 13-19 Dec 2008 edition, page 41:

Friends say the singer has asked Tom and Katie for advice

by Jen Crothers

Britney has dabbled with religion before (Kabbalah, anyone?), but now she's looking into Scientology to solve her woes - with the help of famous followers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Britney told a friend, "I have met Katie a few times, so I called her up and just started asking questions about Scientology. I'm always open to new things. Katie told me she wasn't so sure about it at first either, but once Tom explained it to her and she read the books and took some classes, it really started to work for her. Then Tom wanted to talk to me about it, so I did. He was nice and answered all my questions and sent me books."


Grahame said...

You can never tell with the media. They make up all sorts of BS to sell another copy or attract another eyeball.

If it is true then perhaps Britney has some hope of surviving. The poor kid sure needs something to help her.

Anonymous said...

Britney was in a mental institution briefly and has been on psych drugs, according to reports in the press (which one can never erally believe). If that's true she's able to take advantage of only the lowest levels of Scientology, which would still help her a great deal, but she's not eligible to get spiritual counselling from Scientology. Even so, a purification rundown would do her a lot of good by cleaning out most of the drugs from her system, and simply studying the basic books of Scientology would give her some tools to put her life into shape. More power to her, she's an awesome entertainer.