Sunday, November 23, 2008

UK's NHS Promotes Child Drugging

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust's leaflets that promote the prescription of psychotropic drugs to children.

This marks the advent of what will eventually become a nationwide campaign; a campaign that is being vociferously promoted in the United States under a controversial program called TeenScreen.

TeenScreen was established by The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health that was set up by President Bush. However, widespread opposition continues. Screening for mental illness is the most controversial topic concerning mental health today. Various government entities, private foundations, organizations, think tanks and universities, all flanked by cunning public relations firms, are hard at work trying to make mental health screening as common as a dental checkup.

Despite public outrage over screening, these entities are working feverishly to establish this system. With so much clamor of disagreement for such a program, why, then, do these entities push forward with such ferocity?

This article reveals exactly how this all got started, who’s really behind “the big push,” and how President Bush was tricked into establishing it.

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What to do:

Parents and children should have precise product information when making important decisions about their children's health rather than rely on "marketing."

In order to help parents make that informed decision CCHR (London) is making available a common sense booklet which explains a step by step approach that all parents should take before committing their children to psychotropic drugs. There is also information on what the real causes might be and the options available.


Distribute these booklets in you local area to schools, libraries and parents.


£4.70p each, or 10 for £30
Contact us by email for larger quantities.

CCHR has implemented a Local Authority Awareness Program. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information about how you can get involved and help distribute these booklets even more cost effectively in your area.

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Executive Director
CCHR (London)

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