Monday, March 17, 2008 Video Channel Launches with 82 Scientology Videos

The video channel answers the question "What is Scientology?" while offering 82 informative and engaging Scientology videos and clips addressing Scientology beliefs and humanitarian programs.

The Church of Scientology announces the launch of the official online video channel

Noting that 75% of Internet users watch video online according to Internet metrics leader Comscore, the Church is excited to announce this launch to utilize cutting edge technology to more broadly disseminate information about Scientology via an official Scientology Video Channel that can be viewed from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Through 82 broadcast-quality videos, comprising almost 3 hours of content, the Video Channel provides an overview of the basic beliefs and practices of the religion, as well as information on the many humanitarian programs sponsored by the Church - programs addressing drug abuse, illiteracy, human rights and disaster relief. Included in the online content are statements from Scientology parishioners themselves expressing why Scientology is their chosen faith.

Users can elect to watch any of the Scientology videos or clips individually, or watch the presentation in its entirety. Additionally, anyone wanting further information on Scientology at the video channel can request a free book entitled "A Description of the Scientology Religion" or obtain basic books about Scientology or Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard.

The Church has produced many videos over the years. They have been available for viewing by the general public in Church exhibitions around the world. Sharing the videos with the Internet community is a logical and immersive extension of that experience that will benefit video viewing users who can access them 24/7 from any Internet connection in the world.

The Church of Scientology has always considered the Internet a resource for sharing accurate information about the religion -- concentrating on using the Internet to promote its message and mission in the world. Since 1996, Church sites have provided hundreds of thousands of individual pages of material and images on the religion. These sites are available in most major languages and are visited by tens of millions each year. Now, online video technology will better enable the Church to provide far more expansive and enlightening information.

The Church firmly believes that understanding is achieved through knowledge and information. It is in this spirit that the Church is putting this special video channel online designed to answer the question most often asked: What is Scientology?

The Church of Scientology encourages anyone desiring information about the Scientology religion to visit the Church Video Channel at

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