Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That Tom Cruise Scientology video - everybody's talking about it!

So what was it all about?

Well, it actually comes from the 2004 celebration of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) when Tom Cruise was presented with his Freedom Medal, a humanitarian award.

This annual event focuses on Church-sponsored humanitarian programmes and each year includes the presentation of the Freedom Medal to individual members in recognition of outstanding humanitarian work. To date, 80 individuals have been so recognized and in 2004 Mr. Cruise was honored for his efforts in championing world literacy.

What appears in the video is Mr. Cruise’s acceptance speech before an audience of 5,000 Church parishioners (I was one of them) and their guests, at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, West Sussex - L. Ron Hubbard's former home. While the video can be seen in any Church of Scientology, what has appeared on the Internet is a pirated and edited version of a 3-hour event that further included speeches by several Church officials and two other Freedom Medal award recipients.

But anyway, since everyone seems to be talking about Scientology today, I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about some of the basic Scientology and Dianetics books and to allow those interested to find out more about them and even purchase them (directly from here) if they wish.

The materials of Dianetics and Scientology comprise the largest body of information ever assembled on the mind, spirit and life, rigorously refined and codified by L. Ron Hubbard through five decades of research, investigation and development. The results of that work are contained in hundreds of books and more than 3,000 recorded lectures.

Here are details on 8 of the 18 basic books:

Basic Books on the Theory and Practice of Dianetics & Scientology

Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought

"You may have been taught that the mind, spirit and life are very difficult things to know about. This is the first principle of Scientology:

"It is possible to know about the mind, the spirit and life."

— L. Ron Hubbard

Equipped with this book alone, you can begin a practice and perform seeming miracle changes in the states of well-being, ability and intelligence of people.

Bring ORDER and UNDERSTANDING to life's confusions

The Problems of Work contains the senior principles and laws which apply to every endeavor, every problem of work.

For they are the discoveries which lay bare the core of these problems and explain the very fabric of life itself.

Life is composed of seven-tenths work, one-tenth familial, one-tenth political and one-tenth relaxation. Here, then, is Scientology applied to that seven-tenths of existence including the answers to Exhaustion and the "Secret" of Efficiency

Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science

The HIDDEN SOURCE of your worries, upsets and insecurity... REVEALED
Originally written for a national magazine — published to coincide with the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health — it started a wildfire movement virtually overnight upon that book's publication.

Here then are both the fundamentals of Dianetics as well as the only account of Mr. Hubbard's two-decade journey of discovery and how he applied scientific methodology to the problems of the human mind.

Do you really KNOW yourself?

Self Analysis

The barriers of life are really just shadows. Learn to know yourself — not just a shadow of yourself.

This book will take you through your past, your potentials, your life.

The FIRST BREAKTHROUGHS unlocking the secrets of the mind

Dianetics: The Original Thesis is L. Ron Hubbard's first description of Dianetics. Originally circulated in manuscript form to a few friends, it was soon copied and passed hand-to-hand until it literally circled the globe.

Here are the bedrock discoveries and equations of Dianetics, including the Laws of Returning — the explanation of how and why auditing works.

Wisdom for Use in Life

Scientology: A New Slant on Life

Here, then, is Scientology: A New Slant on Life, containing a timeless selection of Ron's discoveries drawn from the full wealth of his writings and each one presenting a broad, yet comprehensive overview of Scientology applied to a specific aspect of existence.

The Way to HAPPINESS — A common sense guide to better living

The Way to Happiness

True joy and happiness are valuable. If one does not survive, no joy and no happiness are obtainable. Trying to survive in a chaotic, dishonest and generally immoral society is difficult.While no one can guarantee that anyone else can be happy, their chances of survival and happiness can be improved. And with theirs, yours will be.

It is in your power to point the way to a less dangerous and happier life.

It is possible to buy all these hardbacked books individually if you really want to, but the 18 are available at a special packaged price of £296 (395 Euros). These books unlock the gates to your future enternity - not bad for only £296! If you would like to place an order, simply click

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