Sunday, January 27, 2008

Huge rise in traffic to Scientology site

Alexa's Reach, Rank and Page Views stats for have all risen steeply

Fueled by the news about Tom Cruise's biography, the 'leaked' video of him, a German historian's bizarre observation about that video, and one or two other things - the result is a huge rise in traffic to the Scientology site. Presumably, people are hearing about these stories, then going to to get the burning question answered that just popped into their head - "What is Scientology?" and to find out for themselves.

The current stats have now surpassed those that resulted from the BBC Panorama story; the one of John Sweeney, totally loosing it in May 2007.

The reach for has risen 83% in the last 3 months!

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Grahame said...

What's that old saying? Something like, "Any publicity is good publicity." The press spews out a stream of nonsense about Tom Cruise and Scientology and people are so used to the fact that you can't trust the media that they want to find out for themselves. Hence, the huge rise in website traffic.