Friday, December 12, 2008

Scientology among the top searches in Google for 2008

According to CNN's Denver Channel, the word 'Scientology' was among the top searches in Google as their top 2008 search terms are released

Terms included:
  • Barack Obama
  • Facebook
  • AT&T
  • iPhone
  • YouTube
  • FOX News
  • Sarah Palin
  • Beijing 2008
  • financial crisis
  • depression
  • bailout
  • mortgage crisis
  • Wall Street
  • oil
  • stock market
  • subprime
  • credit crisis
  • housing crisis.
  • American Idol
  • Lost
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Office
  • Family Guy
  • Heroes
  • Oprah
  • One Tree Hill
  • Big Brother
  • CSI
Searchers also asked Google "What is…":
Most searched-for images included:
  • Sarah Palin
  • Barack Obama
  • twilight
  • Miley Cyrus
  • the Joker
In compiling the 2008 Year-End Zeitgeist, the Google search team studied the aggregation of billions of search queries that people typed into the Google search box.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is Britney becoming a Scientologist?

Or is it just the media making stuff up again?

Heat Magazine, 13-19 Dec 2008 edition, page 41:

Friends say the singer has asked Tom and Katie for advice

by Jen Crothers

Britney has dabbled with religion before (Kabbalah, anyone?), but now she's looking into Scientology to solve her woes - with the help of famous followers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Britney told a friend, "I have met Katie a few times, so I called her up and just started asking questions about Scientology. I'm always open to new things. Katie told me she wasn't so sure about it at first either, but once Tom explained it to her and she read the books and took some classes, it really started to work for her. Then Tom wanted to talk to me about it, so I did. He was nice and answered all my questions and sent me books."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

UK's NHS Promotes Child Drugging

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust's leaflets that promote the prescription of psychotropic drugs to children.

This marks the advent of what will eventually become a nationwide campaign; a campaign that is being vociferously promoted in the United States under a controversial program called TeenScreen.

TeenScreen was established by The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health that was set up by President Bush. However, widespread opposition continues. Screening for mental illness is the most controversial topic concerning mental health today. Various government entities, private foundations, organizations, think tanks and universities, all flanked by cunning public relations firms, are hard at work trying to make mental health screening as common as a dental checkup.

Despite public outrage over screening, these entities are working feverishly to establish this system. With so much clamor of disagreement for such a program, why, then, do these entities push forward with such ferocity?

This article reveals exactly how this all got started, who’s really behind “the big push,” and how President Bush was tricked into establishing it.

To see the complete report:

What to do:

Parents and children should have precise product information when making important decisions about their children's health rather than rely on "marketing."

In order to help parents make that informed decision CCHR (London) is making available a common sense booklet which explains a step by step approach that all parents should take before committing their children to psychotropic drugs. There is also information on what the real causes might be and the options available.


Distribute these booklets in you local area to schools, libraries and parents.


£4.70p each, or 10 for £30
Contact us by email for larger quantities.

CCHR has implemented a Local Authority Awareness Program. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information about how you can get involved and help distribute these booklets even more cost effectively in your area.

Mr Paul Fletcher LLB (Hons)
Executive Director
CCHR (London)

Tel: +44 0(208) 123 3609

Prozac - the insanity continues

Prozac: The insanity continues unabated despite a Medicine Healthcare Regulatory Authority Review to the contrary.

The information is self evident that we cannot endanger children's lives by giving them these drugs, no matter what the "marketing" is telling us.

Listen to one mother's story of what happened to her son. Can something be done about this?

A Mother Tells of Her Son's Suicide
Bernadette took her teenage son Stephen to see his GP due to his depression. Two weeks later she found him dead.

What is Fluoxetine (Prozac)? See for yourself

Sign the Petition at:

For more information:

Mr Paul Fletcher LLB (Hons)
Executive Director
CCHR (London)
Tel: +44 0 (208) 123 3609

Use of Antipsychotics in Children Is Criticized

New York Times

Use of Antipsychotics in Children Is Criticized


November 18, 2008

WASHINGTON — Powerful antipsychotic medicines are being used far too cavalierly in children, and federal drug regulators must do more to warn doctors of their substantial risks, a panel of federal drug experts said Tuesday.

More than 389,000 children and teenagers were treated last year with Risperdal, one of five popular medicines known as atypical antipsychotics. Of those patients, 240,000 were 12 or younger, according to data presented to the committee. In many cases, the drug was prescribed to treat attention deficit disorders.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Way To Happiness spotted by New York Times Journalist in Congo

In The New York Times article, 18 Nov 08, "Confusion Reigns on Congo’s Front Line", its author Jeffrey Gettleman notices a captain from the Congolese Army reading a copy of The Way To Happiness.

A group of rebel soldiers lounged nearby, most with assault rifles, one incongruously carrying a spear. Just up the road, a captain from the Congolese Army, with whom the rebels have declared a tenuous cease-fire, sat atop a mound of biscuit wrappers and cigarette butts, studiously reading a paperback titled “The Way to Happiness.

Let's hope enough of these books are distributed throughout the troubled area in Congo and as fast as possible.

What is the Way To Happiness book?

The Way to Happiness book is a simple, non-religious, straightforward and direct GUIDE TO GOOD CHOICES, written by philiosopher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. The Way to Happiness book helps individuals make positive decisions or choices, and those decisions and choices have an effect on everyone.

The principles found in The Way to Happiness book are grounded in common sense and written for application. This book is a truly practical and modern guide that anyone can use to confidently steer their way to a happier, more successful life.

The TWTH book sets a standard of conduct for the citizens of the world. This agreement then creates a civilization. A civilization is a place where individuals and groups and countries are able to get along with each other without violence and wars.

The Way to Happiness book successfully bridges cultural, language and religious barriers, and thus our campaign is comprised of volunteers and supporters from all over the world who are helping people everywhere to live happier, more successful lives and to create a safer, less violent world for all, based on these common sense principles and values.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Online Dianetics and Scientology Bookshop for London

In June 2007, Mr. David Miscavige announced the completion of a one-million man-hour project to restore all the basic books and lectures of Scientology and make them broadly available to the public.

They are now available via London's own online bookstore.

New Dianetics Website for London

There's been a discovery about the human mind that is so simple, so incredible and so powerful that it makes psychiatry, psychology and self-hypnosis obsolete.

Click here to order a free DVD that gives real life examples of how it works, why it works and many successes people have had using it:

New Jive Aces Album released 8th December 2008

"It's been a long time coming" but the Jive Aces brand new album, recorded at Mad Hatter Studios in Los Angeles, "Recipe For Rhythm" is here! It will be released on 8th December and will be available from all good music outlets such as HMV, iTunes and Amazon amongst many others. You can also pre-order the CD directly from the Jive Aces in time for Christmas and get free postage. Contact for info.

Special Guests
The new album was produced by three-time Grammy Award winning producer Emanule Ruffinengo and features a whole host of guests including legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea; Oscar nominated composer and jazz trumpeter Mark Isham; British trad-jazz legend Acker Bilk; daughter of two of the Jive Aces' heroes, Louis Prima and Keely Smith, Toni Elizabeth Prima; Steve Lucky and Carmen Getit from the Rhumba Bums; Long time guitarist with John Barry and the man who created the James Bond theme guitar sound, Vic Flick; Steel guitar wizard from California's Lucky Stars Jeremy Wakefield and more!

The songs featured are a combination of classic favourites and brand new original tunes, several of which have become live favourites.

Check out their 8-minute "Making Of" video (includes Len Goodman of "Strictly Come Dancing"), photos from the studio, the music video for the song "Fever" featuring dancers Darren and Lana from Strictly Dance Fever with choreography by Ryan Francois, audio samples from several tracks and even a free MP3 download of the first track on the album, "Aces Shuffle" at

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NHS leaflets encourage kids to take psychiatric drugs, the safety of which has not been studied on children

Does anyone else find the use of sweet Disney-like cartoon characters to encourage kids to take mind-altering drugs that have horrific side effects (like suicide) disturbing or is it just me? We certainly have come a long way from "just a spoonful of sugar"! Even more disturbing is the fact that the safety of 2 of these drugs on children has not even been studied!

What is Atomoxetine?

Atomoxetine (brand name: Strattera) may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or actions in children and teenagers.... Be sure that the benefits of using Atomoxetine outweigh the risks. Family and caregivers must closely observe patients who take Atomoxetine. It is important to keep in close contact with the patient's doctor. Tell the doctor right away if the patient has symptoms such as worsened depression, suicidal thoughts, or changes in behavior. Talk with the patient's doctor if you have any questions.

What is Olanzapine?

Olanzapine (brand name: Zyprexa) ... At the start of Zyprexa therapy, the drug can cause extreme low blood pressure, increased heart rate, dizziness, and, in rare cases, a tendency to faint when first standing up.

More common side effects may include:
Agitation, change in personality, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth, increased appetite, indigestion, low blood pressure upon standing, sleepiness, tremor, weakness, weight gain

The safety and effectiveness of Zyprexa have not been studied in children.

What is Risperidone?

Risperidone ... Side effects include: Anxiety or nervousness; changes in vision, including blurred vision; decreased sexual desire or performance; loss of balance control; mask-like face; menstrual changes; mood or mental changes, including aggressive behavior, agitation, difficulty in concentration, and memory problems; problems in urination or increase in amount of urine; restlessness or need to keep moving (severe); shuffling walk; skin rash or itching; stiffness or weakness of arms or legs; tic-like or twitching movements; trembling and shaking of fingers and hands; trouble in sleeping

Some side effects, such as uncontrolled movements of the mouth, tongue, and jaw, or uncontrolled movements of arms and legs, may occur after you have stopped taking this medicine. If you notice any of these effects, check with your doctor as soon as possible.

Studies on this medicine have been done only in adult patients, and there is no specific information comparing use of risperidone in children with use in other age groups.
  1. Sign the petition here to require drug manufactures to add Black Box Warnings for adverse reactions of psychotropic drugs -
  2. Watch the video called "Side Effects" here:
  3. When next in London, visit the free exhibition that includes a display on the amazing work of CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights), open all day, 7 days a week from morning 'till night, at the Church of Scientology London, 146 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4BY.

Saint Hill Gala Charity Concert 2008 - local newspaper coverage

The Saint Hill Gala Charity Concert 2008 was reported in both the local newspapers that cover the East Grinstead area:

East Grinstead Courier & Observer:

Celebrity hands over charity cheque
October 30, 2008 edition

HELPING HAND: Hollywood star Kelly Preston
with Sussex Air Ambulance doctors and paramedics.

A massive £50,000 boost to the Sussex Air Ambulance funds came from a charity concert.

Air Ambulance chief executive Dave Philpott, ambulance staff and crew received the cheque from Hollywood actress Kelly Preston, who is the wife of Saturday Night Fever star John Travolta.

With her on stage at Saint Hill, where the concert was held on Sunday (October 26), was Bob Keenan, director of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation.

The annual Saint Hill Charity Gala Concert was hosted by Ms Preston and attended by 1,500 people, including former town mayor Cllr Christine Mainstone and her husband Cllr Bob Mainstone.

They were entertained by a wide range of music from rock legend Edgar Winter to the East Grinstead based Jive Aces.

Sussex Air Ambulance is a charity which provides emergency transport and medical services across three counties.

It attends an average of four incidents a day and is funded entirely by voluntary donations. After receiving the cheque, Delaine Sharman, the county fundraiser, said: "That will enable us to save 50 lives, so you should all be proud of yourselves."

The Brighton Argus:

Scientologists hand Sussex air medics £50k
October 31, 2008 by Lawrence Marzouk

The controversial Church of Scientology has donated £50,000 to the Sussex Air Ambulance Service at a glitzy gala hosted by a Hollywood star.

Actress Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta, compered the event at the church’s headquarters in Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, in front of 1,500 people.

Ms Preston is a keen supporter of the religion, which was founded by L Ron Hubbard in 1953.

Sussex Air Ambulance Service provides helicopter cover for the county, as well as for Kent and Surrey, attending an average of four incidents every day.

The charity is funded entirely by donations and provides a team of doctors, paramedics and nurses. Its chief executive, Dave Philpott, was invited on to the stage alongside staff and crew to accept the cheque from Ms Preston and Bob Keenan, director of the L Ron Hubbard Foundation.

Delaine Shearman, the Sussex fundraiser for the charity, said: “The £50,000 raised will enable 50 possible life-saving missions.

“The Sussex Air Ambulance is grateful for these vital funds that will help keep our helicopter operational.

“Everyone should be very proud of themselves.”

Mr Keenan added: “The L Ron Hubbard Foundation and the Church of Scientology are delighted to give their support to the Sussex Air Ambulance as our chosen charity for this concert, which each year is the highlight of our charity fundraising events and activities.

“As any help the Sussex Air Ambulance receives enables their teams to save more lives, many people pulled out all the stops so we could give this donation.

“Our warm thanks are due to all those contributors.”

The gala concert concluded a weekend of activities, attracting more than 7,000 people from across the world.

Representatives from embassies including Cameroon, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Fiji, South Africa and Liberia were among the crowd.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't judge us, says Scientologist

US actress and high-profile Scientologist Jenna Elfman has no time for people who criticise her religion and urges people to get their facts straight before judging.

US actor and high profile Scientologist Jenna Elfman has no time for people who criticise the controversial religion and urges people to get their facts straight before judging.

Elfman, best known for her role in the sitcom Dharma and Greg, says people are too quick to judge the church, which boasts members including Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

"If someone starts talking to me negatively about something they've never actually studied that actual text of, I don't really admire them very much because it shows they don't have much integrity so I just kind of ignore them," Elfman told AAP in Sydney.

"I'm not going to listen to gossip and hearsay about something that's affected my life so tremendously in such a tremendously positive way."

Founded by American science fiction author L Ron Hubbard in the 1950s, Scientology takes a firm stance against modern psychiatry.

Elfman compared its treatment to the way other religions had been persecuted through the ages.

"It's a new religion, historically every new religion has been (dismissed)," she said.

"People were hanged, fed to the lions for their beliefs so this is just a modern day evolution of what happens when something new comes into our culture.

"It is not fully understood yet and it happens."

Elfman, who is in Australia with her husband Bodhi and 15-month old son Story to help launch a new pay TV channel, urged people to find out for themselves about it.

"I've seen drug addicts completely rehabilitated, I've seen the illiterate become literate, I've seen people that were so depressed and hopeless completely rehabilitate their goals in life, become happier find partners," she said.

"It's beautiful."

While in Australia, Elfman will appear on a Countdown revival special hosted by music guru Molly Meldrum on pay TV's Chanel 111 Hits - where Dharma and Greg will feature.

She said she was looking forward to working with Meldrum.

"I've seen him on YouTube, I've seen him interview various people, he seems very gentle, mild-mannered, sweet," Elfman said.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kelly Preston Hosts Sussex Charity Concert

£50,000 presented to Sussex Air Ambulance on behalf of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation and the Church of Scientology

Fred Van Damme, Nigel Raghunath, John Battersby, Cllr Christine Mainstone
(East Grinstead), Delaine Shearman, David Philpott, Kelly Preston, Bob Keenan

East Grinstead: Hollywood actress Kelly Preston presented a cheque for £50,000 to Sussex Air Ambulance on behalf of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation and the Church of Scientology at the 12th annual Gala Charity Concert at Saint Hill, East Grinstead.

More than 1,500 were in attendance to enjoy the concert and give their support, including Mayors, District Council Chairmen, Town Councillors, and community leaders from all over the South of England. Representatives from a wide variety of embassies attended, including from Cameroon, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Fiji, South Africa, and Liberia. Other guests flew in especially from all over Europe and as far away as the United States and Canada.

The event covered a wide spectrum of music – from rock legend Edgar Winter, Academy Award nominated film composer Mark Isham and Australian pop superstar Kate Ceberano, to “Italian Queen of Jazz” Elena Roggero, drummer Woody Woodmansey (best known for his years with David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars), and the UK’s top jive band – the Jive Aces. Ms. Preston was the Master of Ceremonies.

Edgar Winter with the Golden Era Musicians

The Sussex Air Ambulance Service is a registered charity which provides Helicopter Emergency Medical Service and air ambulance service to Sussex, Kent and Surrey counties. Attending an average of four incidents every day, Sussex Air Ambulance is funded entirely by voluntary donations and provides a team of highly skilled doctors, paramedics and nurses. Responding swiftly to 999 calls and flying at over 150 miles per hour, the Ambulance can reach any part of Sussex within 15 minutes and can transport patients to the nearest major hospital or specialist unit in a fraction of the time taken by land ambulance.

The Chief Executive Mr. Dave Philpott and Sussex Air Ambulance staff and crew, were invited up on to the stage to accept the cheque from Ms Preston and Mr. Bob Keenan, Director of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation. The money raised will go towards the many hundreds of life-saving missions carried out by the Sussex Air Ambulance team every year. "That will enable us to save 50 lives, so you should all be proud of yourselves," said Delaine Shearman, Sussex County Fundraiser for the charity. David Philpott, Chief Executive, on accepting the cheque, told the audience what a vital service Sussex Air Ambulance offers in that they can reach any part of Sussex within 15 minutes.

Grand finale: Sussex Air Ambulance crew, Mark Isham, Jive Aces,
Edgar Winter, Elena Roggero, Kate Ceberano, Woody Woodmansey,
Swing Xtreme dancers and the Golden Era Musicians

Over the years, the Saint Hill Gala Charity Concert has supported numerous charities, from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and the RSPCA to the National Drug Prevention Alliance and the Bluebell Railway Trust. The concert follows the tradition that was started by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1960’s when he resided at Saint Hill Manor and supported many of the local charities.

The Gala Concert concluded a three-day jam-packed weekend of activities at the Church of Scientology with over 7,000 people from around the world, with conferences and seminars for parishioners and community leaders alike, encompassing the Church of Scientology’s social betterment programmes in the areas of human rights, drug education, common sense morals, and its volunteer ministry.

For more information, please contact:

Graeme Wilson
Public Affairs Director
Church of Scientology
Saint Hill Manor
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4JY

01342 318229

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saint Hill Gala Charity Concert 2008

L. Ron Hubbard Foundation Donates £50,000 to Sussex Air Ambulance

This year's Saint Hill Gala Charity Concert 2008, held yesterday (26 Oct 08) at Saint Hill, East Grinstead, West Sussex in the biggest marquee known to man, was outstanding (as it is always is) with every act demonstrating pure, full-on professionalism.

Click on the link below for 2 pages of video clips and photos of the concert (including shots of the cheque presentation to Sussex Air Ambulance):

Biggest marquee known to man!

The main purpose of the concert was to continue the tradition of supporting local charities, as started by L. Ron Hubbard when he lived at Saint Hill Manor in the 1960s. This year, the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation made a cheque presentation of £50,000, on stage mid-concert, to Sussex Air Ambulance. "That will enable us to save 50 lives, so you should all be proud of yourselves," said Delaine Shearman, Sussex County Fundraiser. David Philpott, Chief Executive, on accepting the cheque, told the audience what a vital service Sussex Air Ambulance offers in that they can reach any part of Sussex within 15 minutes.

The performers: Kelly Preston (master of ceremonies), Edgar Winter, Kate Ceberano, Woody Woodmansey, Mark Isham, Elena Roggero and The Jive Aces.

3D: Woody Woodmansey, former member of David Bowie's Spiders from Mars, with his son Danny

Short clip of the final Act, Edgar Winter

Click on the link below for 2 pages of video clips and photos of the concert (including shots of the cheque presentation to Sussex Air Ambulance):

See also:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Church of Scientology London Takes Part in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay

7 of the 10-member Church of Scientology London relay team

A surprise last minute entrant to the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay (which took place on Thursday 25 Sept 08) was the Church of Scientology London. Believed to be the first religion to take part in the race, the Church opened its doors in the City, in Queen Victoria Street, in October 2006.

The Scientology team, which came 62nd out of 100 (as we all know, it's the taking part that matters, hey?) are happy to have contributed to the £5,000 prize that was donated by the winning team - Legal & General - to the Children's Trust (presented by British Lions rugby ace, Richard Hill) and to have been part of the whole event. It was a great atmosphere and a lot of fun!

And well spotted, yes that is Hayley (second from left in the above photo) in the centre of the photo on the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay webpage!

Click here for 3 pages of photos and video clips!

The Church of Scientology London, located at 146 Queen Victoria Street, EC4V 4BY, welcomes visitors interested in learning more about Scientology for themselves to its permanent free 1st-floor exhibition, open 7 days a week. The exhibition includes audio-visual presentations of the Church’s work across society in the fields of drug prevention, education and rehabilitation; criminal reform; literacy; human rights (particularly within the psychiatric profession); and morals.

Links and Media:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Isaac Hayes - musician, humanitarian

Soul legend, Isaac Hayes, with the well-known photographer, Hy Money, at the 2004 Saint Hill Gala Charity Concert, East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Click here for more info:

Monday, August 04, 2008

Why Scientology is so against Psychiatry

Why are Scientologists so against psychiatry,
psychiatrists and psychiatric treatment?

You'll have a good idea why once you've seen this video; an overview of what is on display at the Industry of Death Museum at 6616 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028:

Better still, if you plan to visit LA or if you live there, go and see the museum for yourself.

The Truth About L. Ron Hubbard

Who was L. Ron Hubbard?

This new video goes some way to answering that question:

Inside a Church of Scientology

What's it like being a Scientologist?
This new video goes some way to answering that question:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GENERATION RX - a film by Kevin P Miller


Common Radius Films is a private documentary and media development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This production entity draws on the experience of an internationally recognized team of writers, producers, directors, and executives, led by International award winning and Emmy nominated Kevin P Miller.

GENERATION RX marks the first film partnership between Common Radius Films and Miller, and documents how an entire era of children have been caught in the middle of an unprecedented change in Western culture: that of drugging children with psychiatric medications earlier, and more often, than ever before.

This dynamic film, narrated by the actor David Suchet OBE, has already garnered the support of some of the most respected names in Hollywood, including writer/director Paul Haggis, who won back-to-back Academy Awards® for "Million Dollar Baby", and "Crash". GENERATION RX, Mr. Haggis said, "is a powerful and often chilling eye-opener. Weeks after viewing, the stories continue to haunt me."

Scheduled for release in Summer 2008.


hyperactivity, adhd, side-effects, suicide, ritalin, antidepressants, big pharma, chemical imbalance, depression, hoax, school shootings

LANIK’S WEEKEND – bad qualifying followed by a crash

Sunday 13th April 2008

Rockingham Speedway: Niki Lanik, racing for the Youth 4 Human Rights Miracle Drywash team, lost his 6th position in the 2008 ELF Clio Cup Championship last weekend at Rockingham Speedway due to changeable weather conditions. The 21-year old Austrian race driver didn’t take the English weather for granted during qualifying. The outcome was a bad weekend all due to changing the tyres 2 laps too early during qualifying; Niki qualified 27th for Round 3 and 24th for Round 4. Niki having finished on the podium last time out at Brands Hatch and having won the Clio Cup Winter Championship twice was not too happy about this.

Race-winning Lanik was 5th quickest on Friday’s testing and was expecting two top five finishes for the weekend. As the field of Clio Cup race cars went out for the 30-minute qualifying session on Saturday afternoon, the weather was dry and windy with changeable conditions every 20 minutes. Three laps into qualifying Niki decided to come into the pits to get two brand new tyres put on the Miracle Drywash-sponsored Clio, but it turned out this was a bad decision. On Niki’s out lap the heavens let loose and it was impossible to set any time near the top twenty drivers. Niki had to settle for 27th and 24th for the two rounds.

“Rockingham is one of my favourite tracks, and I know I’m quick there. It was my mistake for coming in the pits too early. I should have stayed out there for another two or three laps like most other drivers did, just before it started raining hard. I’m used to qualifying 3rd, but not 3rd last!” commented Lanik on his disappointing qualifying performance.

Round 3 of the championship saw Niki have a great start from 27th on the grid, overtaking five cars by the first corner and another five by the end of lap 1. On lap 4 Lanik put in the 3rd quickest lap in the entire race. Aggressively moving forwards through the pack of cars, the double-Clio Winter Champion came to the tail of cars from 10th place with Niki in 17th place. A top 10 finish was in sight. Three laps later Niki slotted into 14th place on the inside of Turn 6, but was soon found to be on the grass and gravel with 100mph+ just missing the wall by two feet. Niki rejoined 21st and went on to finish 16th after having lost approximately five seconds in the gravel incident.

“I saw both drivers in front going wide, and saw a gap on the inside. So I dived down the inside. We were three abreast into Turn 6 and all drivers gave each other room, until the driver on the outside starting oversteering and aimed towards the middle driver. I avoided it by moving another few inches over ever tenth of a second, and within a second found myself on the kerb and grass. It was good I did that, as the accident could have been huge if I wouldn’t have backed off.” explained Niki after a near 100mph crash.

Sunday’s Round 4 was a definite dry race with all drivers selecting slick tyres all around. Starting 24th on the grid, Niki was keen on having a good start and aggressive first lap. The warm-up lap was enough to heat the tyres up and get used to dry conditions. Niki had a blistering start passing six cars by the first corner, when suddenly disaster struck. Wood, Robinson, Boston and Lanik touched their rims at 110mph. Niki’s suspension instantly snapped on both sides, with Wood’s car jumping two feet in the air to shot across the track to collect Boston; Robinson was lucky to get away without too much damage. Three Clios, including Lanik’s, smashed into the solid concrete barrier. All drivers were unhurt, but certainly not happy. The Clerks of the Course considered this a racing incident and no driver got penalised.

“It really was pretty bad weekend, especially having had so many high expectations. Nevertheless, I could see an interesting pattern occurring after finishing on the podium in one race and then not finishing the next. It’s all about making the best of qualifying. The front of the grid is safe. People are aggressive but still give each other plenty of room. I’m out at Donington next and that’s my favourite circuit, so I’m sure I’ll do well there.”

The Youth For Human Rights Miracle Drywash Race Team promotes the international Youth For Human Rights campaign – The team sponsors include Miracle Drywash (, GridGirlz (, G&G Vitamins (, Wealden Workwear (, and Luxury Sign Design ( If you would like to sponsor Niki Lanik, e-mail him on

Niki Lanik and the Y4HR Miracle Drywash Race Team is next racing and supporting the British Touring Car Championship at Donington Park on 3rd and 4th of May. Sunday’s races will also be LIVE on ITV4 from 12:30-17:30. For more information about the team or the Clio Cup visit or

Monday, April 28, 2008

Campaigner Linda Hurcombe Awarded for Her Work to Expose Dangers of Psychiatric ‘Treatments’

Linda Hurcombe receives CCHR UK Human Rights Award

Councillor Anne Jones (left) presents
the CCHR UK Human Rights Award
to Linda Hurcombe

EAST GRINSTEAD: On Saturday 19 April, teacher and writer Linda Hurcombe was presented with a Human Rights Award for her work campaigning to expose the dangers of psychiatric treatments since the tragic death of her daughter just over 10 years ago.

The Award, presented at the 39th Anniversary of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights United Kingdom (CCHR), recognised Linda for her strength and dedication to raise public awareness about the dangers of antidepressants following the death of her nineteen-year-old daughter Caitlin in 1998 after she started taking Prozac.

In the presence of Ambassadors and High Commissioners representing their countries from around the world, as well as the Mayor of East Grinstead, Councillor Anne Jones (left) made the presentation at Saint Hill Castle in East Grinstead, where she told the dignitaries the award was presented for Linda’s bravery and persistence in the face of tragedy and adversity.

They heard how following a 7-minute interview with her doctor, where no medical tests were carried out, Caitlin was prescribed the antidepressant drug Prozac. Sixty-three days later, she committed suicide by hanging.

In accepting the award, Linda said, “When you lose a beloved child for any reason, perhaps more acutely when the death is by self-execution, the savage teeth of grief rend with a particularly tenacious power.”

She referred to her anger following a recent study from the University of Hull that received international press in concluding that Prozac was no better than a placebo. Linda said, “I am fortunate to be a teacher and writer, and the personal recovery tools have been through publishing and speaking out.”

Linda also referred to her most recent efforts to fight the move to lift a ban in Europe on advertising prescription drugs. Caitlin was made aware of Prozac through direct-to-consumer advertising while on holiday in the United States. Linda is determined to fight any move to allow pharmaceutical advertising in Europe.

CCHR also recognised Dr Robert Verkerk, an internationally acclaimed and highly respected authority in the field of sustainability. As the founder of the Alliance for Natural Health, Dr Verkerk was acknowledged for his tireless work in bringing about awareness of and challenging a European directive to regulate the use of vitamins and minerals in everyday diets. Like Linda, he is aware of the potential dangers of European directives that could have serious consequences on the health and well being of consumers in Britain.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an international psychiatric watchdog group co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Daniels
P.O. Box 188
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4RB

Tel: 01342 313 926 / 07980 934 984
Web site:

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Pioneer of Natural Healthcare Across Europe Awarded by Human Rights Organisation

Dr Robert Verkerk awarded for protecting natural healthcare across Europe

Dr Robert Verkerk (left) receives his
CCHR UK Human Rights Award
from Mr Bill Trueman

EAST GRINSTEAD: On Saturday 19 April, Dorking-based Dr Robert Verkerk was awarded for his work to protect natural healthcare across Europe.

The Award, presented at the 39th Anniversary of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights United Kingdom (CCHR), recognised Dr Verkerk for his work to expose the multinational pharmaceutical interests and giant food companies to limit the public's access to herbs, vitamins and other therapies.

In the presence of Ambassadors and High Commissioners representing their countries from around the world, as well as the Mayor of East Grinstead, fraud expert Mr Bill Trueman made the presentation to Dr Verkerk at Saint Hill Castle in East Grinstead, for taking the lead in challenging fundamental rights to take vitamins and minerals, and for having brought a landmark legal challenge to the EU Food Supplements Directive.

Featured in a new documentary called 'We Become Silent' and narrated by Dame Judi Dench, a supporter of the Alliance for Natural Health, Dr Verkerk highlights the grave dangers posed by European and global regulation to medical freedom of choice.

In accepting the award, Dr Verkerk said, "In recent years, conventional psychiatrists, drug companies and regulatory agencies around the world have launched full scale assaults on natural treatments that has seen them relegated to the fringes of mainstream medicine.

"The Alliance for Natural Health, which I founded over 6 years ago, has been at the forefront of resisting these pressures on natural medicine, working to protect and promote natural health using the tools of ‘good science’ and ‘good law’.

"We have taken a case to the European Court of Justice, exposed the flawed science and disproportionate law being promulgated by European regulators and have helped to protect some of the leading pioneers and innovators in the natural health field.”

CCHR also recognised Linda Hurcombe, a mother, teacher and a campaigner against the use of psychiatric drugs. She lost her nineteen-year-old daughter Caitlin in April 1998 after she started taking Prozac.

She saw an advertisement for the drug on television while on holiday in the United States. After returning to the UK, Caitlin decided she wanted Prozac and sixty-three days after starting, she committed suicide by hanging.

Linda also referred to her most recent efforts to fight the move to lift a ban in Europe on advertising prescription drugs. Since Caitlin’s death, Linda has fought any move to allow pharmaceutical advertising direct-to-the-consumer in Europe.

Like Dr Verkerk, she is aware of the potential dangers of European directives that could have serious consequences on the health and well being of consumers in Britain.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an international psychiatric watchdog group co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Daniels
P.O. Box 188
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4RB

Tel: 01342 313 926 / 07980 934 984
Web site:

healthcare, FDA, europe, prozac, antidepressants, big pharma, chemical imbalance, depression, hoax

How to Get Off Psychiatric Drugs Safely

The Road Back

The Road Back is an effective, doctor approved, tapering program, designed to help overcome drug dependency with little or no withdrawal symptoms.

Developed by Dr James Harper in 1999, it has helped well over 30,000 individuals taper off their medication to date.

The Road Back Program handles side effects caused by the following medication:
    • benzodiazepine
    • antianxiety
    • anticonvulsant
    • sleep aid
    • antidepressants
    • antipsychotic
    • ADHD
The Road Back Program, "How to Get Off Psychiatric Drugs Safely," details the entire process and is available for free at

"The Road Back Program is simple to use, effective, and extremely powerful, when applied correctly. You too can have resounding success in getting off your psychiatric medications and getting your life back. Based on extensive research, specific “super foods” have been formulated for this program. Their use, in conjunction with the full and complete Road Back Program, have resulted in an estimated 80% success rate in helping people to get off their psychiatric medications, while also enormously reducing the potential and feared side effects from withdrawal.
    • You Can Change
    • You Can Change How You Feel
    • You Can Be a Positive Influence For Others
    • You Can Make It."
Dr James Harper

Other links that may be of interest:

Monday, April 07, 2008

Racing for Human Rights

Racing 4 Human Rights Racing Team

Two local motor racing drivers - Niki Lanik who races in the Renault Clio Cup and has won the Winter Championship two years running, and Andrew Chalmers who races a classic Porsche 911 in the UK and European Heritage GT Challenge – have set up to promote Human Rights issues through their motor racing.

Both drivers support the international charity Youth for Human Rights which promotes greater awareness of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly to young people, endorsing the charity with logos on their race cars. They have now extended this to bring on board other drivers to do the same and Race for Human Rights through As well as Youth for Human Rights, the volunteer group promotes other human rights-based charities, including Amnesty International, International Alert, and Witness.

“The aim of the group is to have as many race drivers as possible around the UK, Europe and America promoting Human Rights groups on their cars, and so help make Human Rights a reality, not just a dream. The more race drivers we get on board, the larger impact we’re able to make,” said championship-winning Niki Lanik, who races in the Miracle Drywash-sponsored Youth for Human Rights Race Team. “I race because I love going fast and winning, and I also love the fact that I am able to promote a good cause to millions of people every year.”

Niki Lanik, who finished 3rd in the Renault Clio Cup race at Brands Hatch just last weekend, is now in his 4th year of motorsports. Niki is known in the motorsports community as a race driver, not just racing for himself, but also for an admirable cause. The 20-year old has now won several Human Rights awards including the Ambassador of Peace award which was presented to him by the Universal Peace Federation. You can read more at

“This website is all about getting many more people forwarding the same message. Supporting Human Rights campaigns is one of the things we all need to do, to try to make a difference in today’s society. Niki and I already reach hundreds of thousands of spectators, and millions of TV viewers with our human rights message, as both of our race series are televised, and we are aiming to get much more exposure this year by encouraging more drivers to do the same. We have already gotten our first new driver who joined us after only one day of the web site being live, so it’s looking really positive. Most people like to support a good cause and we are just making it easier for them to do so,” said Andrew Chalmers.

If you’re a race driver (or any kind of racer – not just cars!) and would like join us and Race for Human Rights, email us on, and please also visit for more information.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Kiss of the Sun

The Kiss of the Sun
by Dorothy Gurney, 1858 - 1952
(adapted by Michael Parkin)

The kiss of the sun for pardon

The song of the birds for mirth

You will find you will be nearer to Ron when in his garden

Than anywhere else on Earth

Michael Parkin

Michael Parkin was L. Ron Hubbard's gardener in charge of maintaining the grounds at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, West Sussex in the early 1960s. (Saint Hill Manor was L. Ron Hubbard's home from 1959-1967).

He enjoyed a very special and unique relationship with L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Dianetics and of the Scientology religion) because he used to spend time with him almost every day during Mr Hubbard's coffee break, on the terrace of the Manor, over a period of several years. During this time, they discussed many subjects such as:
  • the Saint Hill Lake and its maintenance. In fact, Mr Hubbard gave Michael special permission to fish in the lake in perpetuity. Mr Hubbard also told Michael that his father used to take him fishing when he was younger
  • the history of the Manor and the source of the sandstone from which it was built
  • photography - Mr Hubbard, a keen photographer himself, advised Michael that, to take photos of fish in their natural environment, he would need special lenses
  • archery, which had always been one of Michael's interests. Mr Hubbard told Michael that he could practice his archery in the grounds as long as he didn't shoot towards the Manor
  • Michael's outdoor life and his background such as where he was born (Grimsby, Lincolnshire) and Michael's family, some of whom were deep sea fishermen who sailed from Grimsby. Mr Hubbard was interested in this because he thought that some of his ancestors could have come from Denmark with the name 'Hubar the Dane' (which over the years became 'Hubbard'). Grimsby is thought to have originated as a Danish settlement.

In approximately 1965, as a result of the Selective Employment Tax, Michael was unfortunately selected to leave the employment of the Manor by one the Manor's administrators. But when Mr Hubbard heard about this, he told the administrator to keep Michael on. However, on hearing the news that Michael might be leaving, Mr Hubbard presented him with a hammer that had been used in the initial stages of the building of Saint Hill Castle. On presenting it to him, Mr Hubbard said, "I present you with this hammer Michael. Don't lose it. When you are using it, think of me."

This experience has stayed with Michael to this day. The hammer is one of his most revered possessions. If ever he has any problems in his life, he has found that by simply holding the hammer in his hands, a solution usually comes to mind within a short space of time and it has helped him on many occasions throughout his life.

Michael, born in 1934 and father of four, today lives in Polegate, East Sussex in retirement.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Youth 4 Human Rights Miracle Drywash Race Team Finishes 3rd Place


Sunday 30th March 2008

DOUBLE Clio Cup Winter Champion, Niki Lanik, started off his 2008 racing season at Brands Hatch last weekend with a well-deserved podium finish. For 2008, Austrian Lanik is racing for the Youth 4 Human Rights Miracle Drywash Race Team. Niki helps promote Human Rights to millions of people through car racing with the idea of making the world a better place.

QUALIFYING took place Saturday morning where the Miracle Drywash-sponsored race driver had a 30 minute session to set two of his best lap times to determine his start positions for Round 1 and 2. Setting a 53.006 and a 53.039, Niki secured 5th and 3rd for the weekend’s two championship rounds.

“PRIOR to the season I did three test days at Brands Hatch and these have definitely paid off. My qualifying laps were fast, consistent and with brand new slicks I felt more confident than ever around the Indy circuit,” commented Niki on his qualifying performance.

ROUND 1 of the 2008 Clio Cup saw the youngster start from 5th on the grid out of 28 keen starters. Tricky conditions tempted most teams to choose slick tyres instead of wets; this was a bad decision as light rain came down once the race started. Lanik, having wheelspun too much as the lights went off, lost three places by the first corner. By the end of lap one Niki fought his way back up the 6th place. Two laps before the race ended, the driver in 5th place lost control at Surtees. Dodging the sideways car and securing 5th place, Niki had to break and turn right for Clearways, the last bend, when suddenly there was a knock and Niki shot left instead. Niki rejoined and finished 17th.

SUNDAY’S Round 2 attracted 30,000 spectators and live ITV4 coverage. The Y4HR Miracle Drywash Clio was sitting 3rd on the grid behind Ben Winrow and Paul Rivett (double Clio Champion). Next to the Austrian champion was the ex-touring car driver, Gavin Piper. Ashurst Wood-based Niki Lanik had a fantastic start retaining his 3rd place. Running a little bit wide out of Graham Hill Bend, Lanik lost a little momentum nearly loosing a place to Derek Pierce, who was lying in 4th. Niki then drove defensive for three more laps until he was clear to cruise a remaining 14 laps to a 3rd place and well-deserved podium finish. This was Niki’s best official result in the National 2008 Clio Championship up to date.

“I had a great start and managed to tag onto Winrow and Rivett by the first corner. Defending from Pierce wasn’t too difficult either as he never got close enough to make a move. I felt very comfortable in the car, and knew that if I just drove consistently I would finish in 3rd and that’s exactly what I did.” said the Austrian Niki Lanik.

To find out more about Niki Lanik visit

The Youth For Human Rights Miracle Drywash Race Team promotes the international Youth For Human Rights campaign – The team sponsors include Miracle Drywash (, GridGirlz (, G&G Vitamins (, Wealden Workwear (, and Luxury Sign Design ( If you would like to sponsor Niki Lanik, e-mail him on

ROUND 3 and 4 of the Clio Cup will take place at Rockingham Speedway on 12th and 13th of April, as well as live TV coverage on ITV4. For more information about the 2008 ELF Clio Cup visit

Monday, March 24, 2008

Anonymous and Misinformed

A note on terrorists, whoever they are

Author and TV documentary maker, Michael Burleigh, author of ‘Blood & Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism’ (published by Harper Press) which investigates the terrorist mindset, said on ‘Start the Week’, BBC Radio 4, Mon 18 Feb 2008:

“Many terrorists have a very dim perception and understanding of the actual intellectual causes they purport to represent. One of the Bader Meinhof people said, “We half read a lot of theory which we fully understood…Police interrogations and studies of [terrorists] who have been arrested in this country have shown that they have quite a limited understanding of their religion.”

Michael Burleigh was a Distinguished Research Professor in Modern History at the University of Cardiff and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Monday, March 17, 2008 Video Channel Launches with 82 Scientology Videos

The video channel answers the question "What is Scientology?" while offering 82 informative and engaging Scientology videos and clips addressing Scientology beliefs and humanitarian programs.

The Church of Scientology announces the launch of the official online video channel

Noting that 75% of Internet users watch video online according to Internet metrics leader Comscore, the Church is excited to announce this launch to utilize cutting edge technology to more broadly disseminate information about Scientology via an official Scientology Video Channel that can be viewed from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Through 82 broadcast-quality videos, comprising almost 3 hours of content, the Video Channel provides an overview of the basic beliefs and practices of the religion, as well as information on the many humanitarian programs sponsored by the Church - programs addressing drug abuse, illiteracy, human rights and disaster relief. Included in the online content are statements from Scientology parishioners themselves expressing why Scientology is their chosen faith.

Users can elect to watch any of the Scientology videos or clips individually, or watch the presentation in its entirety. Additionally, anyone wanting further information on Scientology at the video channel can request a free book entitled "A Description of the Scientology Religion" or obtain basic books about Scientology or Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard.

The Church has produced many videos over the years. They have been available for viewing by the general public in Church exhibitions around the world. Sharing the videos with the Internet community is a logical and immersive extension of that experience that will benefit video viewing users who can access them 24/7 from any Internet connection in the world.

The Church of Scientology has always considered the Internet a resource for sharing accurate information about the religion -- concentrating on using the Internet to promote its message and mission in the world. Since 1996, Church sites have provided hundreds of thousands of individual pages of material and images on the religion. These sites are available in most major languages and are visited by tens of millions each year. Now, online video technology will better enable the Church to provide far more expansive and enlightening information.

The Church firmly believes that understanding is achieved through knowledge and information. It is in this spirit that the Church is putting this special video channel online designed to answer the question most often asked: What is Scientology?

The Church of Scientology encourages anyone desiring information about the Scientology religion to visit the Church Video Channel at