Thursday, November 15, 2007

Drugging Kids for Profit: The Nail is in the Coffin

I think people are finally getting the message that putting your kids on powerful mind-altering drugs for 'hyperactivity' is perhaps not the best thing to do. Here are 3 recent major set-backs for that extremely profitable quackery a.k.a. fraud called, "Label kids as mentally ill, then rake in the cash":
  • 26 Oct 07 - The Church of Scientology's psychiatric watchdog, CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) brings out 3 extremely hard-hitting and emotive PSAs on the subject, soon to be playing on TV channels all over the world. Click Play below to watch No. 1 - the very sad story of Candace Downing, and all 3 PSAs can be seen here -

  • 12 Nov 07 - BBC's Panorama programme called "What Next for Craig?" investigates drugs given to children for ADHD and reveals that "new research shows giving children drugs for ADHD works no better than doing nothing in the long-term." The programme also pointed out that children can become suicidal while on these drugs, and that they pose an increased risk of delinquency, substance misuse and even of going to jail.
  • 14 Nov 07 - Baroness Susan Greenfield asked the UK government to conduct an inquiry into the effectives of ADHD drugs and the reasons behind the “remarkable increase” in the number of children diagnosed with the condition over the last two decades.

For more information, help or advice, contact CCHR UK on:

01342 313926

P.O. Box 188
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4RB

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