Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Six Former Drug Addicts Run a Cross-Channel Marathon to Highlight the Dangers of Drug Addiction

From August to September 2007, six Dutch and English ex-addicts ran 200 miles from The Netherlands to the UK under the slogan "Drugs Know No Borders".

They arrived in Brighton on 14th September. The team, who each have heavy drug histories - some starting at the age of 12 - began their run in Holland some three weeks earlier, in August. All six of them kicked the habit thanks to the drug rehab, Narconon, either in Holland or in the UK (Hastings).

Narconon is a non-religious drug and alcohol rehabilitation charity that delivers a rehab programme that is based on the works of philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. In 1967, prisoner and long-term heroin addict of the Arizona State Prison, William Benitez, got himself and other inmates off drugs after reading a book written by L. Ron Hubbard called The Fundamentals of Thought. This was the beginning of the Narconon programme: it is, today, available in 120 residential centres across 44 countries.

The aim of their marathon is to draw attention to the devastating effects that drugs create and to educate youngsters and the general public on the dangers of getting into drugs, and so prevent others from going down that path.

For more information, contact Alison Brennan at Narconon Hastings, on 01424 420 036, or see

Here's what one of the runners had to say before he began the run:

My name is James Roscoe. In my opinion this programme is the only truly effective programme which helps addicts to handle themselves and apply what they learn...I have for the first time felt truly free from the pull of addiction and since July 26th 2007, I have run 2 marathons to raise public awareness about effective drug prevention and next week I will start my third for the same cause.

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Georgi Zhivkov said...

The only help one need is in his head. No one can help if one doesnt want it.