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Jonathan Ross Show excerpt: How Scientology has helped John Travolta

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'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross', BBC 1, 30 March 2007

JR: John, I'm just enamoured of your work. I love seeing you on screen. I like the way you live your life from the sound of things. We've touched on your dancing in a round about way. Let me ask you a question here - and I'm not going to mock this because I know it's an important thing to you. I want to ask you about Scientology...

JT: Sure.

JR: ...because you're one of the two most, kind of, famous practitioners. I don't know if that's the correct word of Scientology. There's Tom Cruise of course, who we all know about, and you, for many years have talked about it. What have you got out of it?

JT: I've been involved 32 years in Scientology and it's given me all the tools to survive in life that I need and it helped so many people and we're all over the world and we go out of our way to help people - whether it's natural disasters or personal help with their lives and I've always found it an enormous help and tool for me to survive better. And right from the start, I always had a wherewithal because of their help to never self-destruct, you know. I could always use the tools to better myself and become more able, more in communication with people and have more fun.

JR: Now one of the things that was in the news over here about Scientology was recently, of course, Tom Cruise and his lovely wife have had a baby, and it became newsworthy in the papers that apparently, Scientologists believe that a birth should be silent if possible. Now I know your wife is a Scientologist. Did you achieve that? Did you have silent birth?

JT: Yeah, it's pretty simple stuff really. All it is, is when pain - there's a lot of pain involved in a birth, or there can be for the baby, and the wife and often verbiage is recorded in the mind.

JR: So a baby maybe, even if it doesn't understand what's going on, will hear the sound or get the impressions of the emotions.

JT: Yes, and they can be anything from what the doctors are saying or the fears or the concerns of the people around and it's just... Even when a person has an accident or hurts themself, it's just better to be quiet when they're being handled.

JR: But here's the thing I'm asking you. How do you do that? Because when my wife was having the baby, there were times when she was calling me some things which, er alright, maybe, history has proved her correct but...

JT: Well, noise is different than verbiage.

JR: OK - just an "argh" would be a bad thing?

JT: Yes, screams, if you have to, is fine. But it's the, it's the...

JR: Don't be saying things.

JT: ...the content of the meaning of a word that could have impingement later on in life, do you see? And that's what you don't want - but if you want to make noises, it's fine, you know.


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